Saturday, May 30, 2009

Son of Ran and DJ Virus

9five Eyewear Presents... The Son Of Ran (Part One) from 9five on Vimeo.

Mad support shout out to the PRIMETIME SPECIALISTS! Keep grinding!

Western Conference Champions

4 more wins for the trophy...



Oh happy day! 3M makes shoes flashy!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

3 in a row!

2008/2009 Premier League Champions, Manchester United Football Club

Saturday, May 9, 2009

A Dream Final

The Grand Final of the UEFA Champions League, Manchester United FC vs. FC Barcelona. Asking me to pick sides is like asking if I like #8 Kobe Bryant or #24 Kobe Bryant...

A Different Style

Wow. Mayer Hawthorne. What a retro sound! I really dig what I have heard from this artist so far. Check out some videos.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

He Still Moves Stones

Taken from Max Lucado's book, He Still Moves Stones

"If your earthly father doesn't affirm you, then let your Heavenly Father take his place"

"Having your family's approval is desirable but not necessary for happiness and not always possible."

Barca! Barca! Barca!

What a royal birthday present! Real Madrid CF 2 FC Barcelona

What a historic win for FC Barcelona at the Santiago Bernabeu. Madrid were outclassed in all aspects of the match and have to be questioning themselves after a historic thrashing on thier homeground. I was silenced from chanting and singing 13 minutes into the match when Pipita powered in the opening header. Ramos had a stunning move on the wing that led to a magnificent goal by the home side...After that it was all Barca all day. Minutes later Henry was hurdling the weak and porous Madrid defence and in minute 17 he had the tying goal. 3 minutes later after Henry, yet again, pierced the so-called defence of Madrid, Barca netted another goal, this time by El Gran Capitain. He was unmarked and unscathed and rose to perfection as he blasted in the second of six goals. It was getting ugly for Madrid after that. Barca sliced and diced Madrid with a dominance in possession and the stylish and prolific passing was opening up oceanic holes in the Madrid backline. Messi ended the first half with a well deserved goal. Iker was getting peppered, better yet pummeled with shot after shot and this time Messi got the better of him. Dani could've made it 1-4 but Casillas made another diving save to stop the freekick.

The second half was all Barca all day. Ramos scored a well deserved goal, but after that the swift Barca reply left Madrid fans desparate and many started to see what was about to happen. When it was 2-4 FC Barca started to clown Madrid. Real was chasing after the ball, like a starved dog running after a piece of bacon tied to a string. The fouls started to come in but it wasn't enough. Messi got the better of Iker once again, after another thru ball came thru the Madrid backline. Iker had no chance and Messi struck again. I never thought that a team of Real Madrid's quality would get thrashed like that. Goal number six was due to Eto'o working hard and Pique doing his part on the counter attack sprinting straight down the heart of the pitch. The initial save was made but Pique made something out of nothing and sent the Madrid fans streaming out of the stadium, a reverse stampede out of the doors.

Barca sent a stern warning to the Champions League and Chelsea with this one.


1-O Higuain 13'
1-1 Henry 17'
1-2 Puyol 20'
1-3 Messi 35'
2-3 Ramos 55'
2-4 Henry 58'
2-5 Messi 73'
2-6 Pique 82'