Tuesday, September 24, 2013

VERBAL IMAGERY--Live in the Studio

E, myself and GeneFlo have embarked on the journey of creation. We took our talents to Emeryville to start the process of recording our next project. It was an excellent experience. We stepped into the studio and created some musical magic!

Below are some shots from the session.  We are ready to take over the game.

Saturday, August 24, 2013


What does it mean to know thyself? Do you know yourself? Do you know your ancestral history? Do you know the origins of your culture? I am blessed that I have parents who have taught me all about where I come from. I am a Luba from Mbujimayi, Kasai Oriental, Democratic Republic of Congo. The entirety of my family comes from that one spot on Earth. Our whole family history is still alive and well, although living in obscurity. Despite the poverty and tragedy that is the DR Congo, I represent every day that I live. Going beyond representing and putting my money where my mouth is, Leja Bulela (www.lejabulela.org) is an organization that I support that supports my people and where I come from. A few weeks ago my wife and I went with our unborn child to LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Art). We found this display and enjoyed spending time there. I was so proud to see my tribe's works on display. It was a feeling that was a mix of joy and sorrow. Joy for the recognition of our rich artisan heritage and sorrow for the fact that my people are still struggling to get wifi and a clean toilet. However, direct action with true people helps me maintain. Take a trip to LACMA and check out the Luba exhibit. You'll love it!

Friday, August 9, 2013


The time is now!!!!  So many people are diluting the culture of Hip Hop, by acting like they are "bout that life".  Everybody wants to be a superstar.  DEAD THAT.  I have always been a B Boy.  B Boys stay fly, no matter the occasion.  I strive to be a master MC.  I have been practicing my craft since I was a kid in Detroit at Burton International School at the lunch tables.  I am the son of Congolese immigrants and I have complete knowledge of self.  We have a non-profit organization that is changing the lives of people everyday (www.lejabulela.org).  I teach the youth through direct lessons in the classroom, on the field of sport, or through games and fun at camp.  I embody all I do to the fullest.  So when you see me shinin' sippin' bubbly with my people come and get some too.  Every day is a celebration for me in particular, because the world doesn't want to see a BLACK CONGOLESE succeed in the world.  Not all of us are stuck hand mining for jewels we can't keep.  I have never been to jail, and I am a college graduate.  I am a husband, brother, friend, and soon to be father.  I AM ALL THEY DON'T WANT ME TO BE!  However, I'm here.  While I am here it is my duty to keep the culture pure by sharing foundational knowledge handed down from previous generations.  I love that new stuff and can't live without the oldies.  Below you will find the guiding principles that I strive to live by.  ONE LOVE.

TEACHINGS OF THE MASTER (Derivative of the "Campfire" Wu Tang skit):
Today I’ll talk about kindness, justice, faith and courage.
I want you to listen carefully,
Kindness and faith; are the foundations,
without them, we can’t become good people,
and with justice, we know we can lead a good life.
How can I be a good man you ask?
First of all, you have to practice honesty,
Keep your temper, never lose control of yourself,
Be patient, and if you learn to do these things, you can master anything.

"The Universal Zulu Nation stands for knowledge, wisdom, understanding, freedom, justice, equality, peace, unity, love, respect, work, fun, overcoming the negative, economics, mathematics, science, life, truth facts, faith, and the oneness of God."