Monday, June 30, 2008

Congolese Independence Day

"The Republic of the Congo has been proclaimed, and our country is now in the hands of its own children.

Together, my brothers, my sisters, we are going to begin a new struggle, a sublime struggle, which will lead our country to peace, prosperity, and greatness"

Patrice Lumumba
June 30, 1960

Sunday, June 29, 2008

127 mph WTF?

Venus is BROLIC! Her 11th ace of the match was the fastest serve recorded at Wimbledon (on the women's side).

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Barack The Baller

What more can I really say?

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Last Saturday In The Mission

When you roll out to the Mission on a Saturday night, anything goes. Fire hydrants get blasted, tacos a plenty, and the blurred vision of ales on the brain. By the way, my lens wasn't dirty at the taco shop, that is the window...

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Celtics Win

So much pain. Too much pain. I cried a little in the shower after the game because it hurt so much. How embarrassing! The Celtics wanted to win it more than my Pistons and my Lakers. You see how they are smiling and laughing, I was not like that. Not like that at all. I mean the Lakers didn't even compete. Ray Allen was left open all night for 3 pointers. Disgusting. There was no fight in my squad and they deserved nothing, not even a round of applause. What a way to go out, like some suckas. It is going to be a long summer.

To remedy the pain, I will be lighting up each and every person who challenges the I in a bball game. The backyard hoop (that Bo just got us) is salvation from the mental crisis that I was left in.

Lakers looked like some bitches last night. Thanks guys. Bring it WAY harder next season.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Howl of The Lone Wolf

Depend on nobody to get the job done. When it comes down to it be able to stand up and stand alone to stand firm.

Thursday, June 12, 2008


Get yours son! Typically, His Royal Flyness, I am talking about me, would never reveal the source of the illmatic wears. This is your time to take advantage of an inside line to the hottest up and coming streetwear brand. CORRECT Clothing Company. You see me in my exclusive all black "Fronts" shirt sitting on MUNI, rocking out to some J Dilla on your right side.
I know you want that shirt, and now you can come up on one. Go to then click on the Kazbah section. OR Click on the title of this post and go straight to the CORRECT Clothing shop and stock up on the fly gear. That Orange Panda?! Come on man, that is hella fresh. Next time you see me, I will probably have that on.

You missed the launch party at D-Structure on May 2nd (go to my May 7, 2008 post for a look), so now is your chance to make up and wake up to the CORRECT way of handling the bizz. COP SOME!

Game 4


Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Three Wins Away

Even my students are into it!

Ewww. Ugh. Gross. Those are the words that can describe this game. Both teams played like crap, but the Lakers have the MVP. The Lakers win game 3 and that is all that matters. A win is a win!

Ray Allen showed up Kobe showed up and Sasha showed up, everybody else...not so much.

KG has never been able to be a closer and I don't think he will become one all of a sudden.

"The Half Truth" was totally off and said because he didn't go to Roscoe's his game was off. Uhhh, Kobe was gaurding you and you were off, duh!

Pau is playing soft. Lamar is almost useless. If we can win games withouth those two playing well, then Boston, you have a problem. I mean Pau's crucial put backs were just that, and Lamar is just not playing well at all. Despite that we won the game. For me that is just bad news for Boston. Kobe has a lot more to give and our bigs will put in more effort. Imagine a double double from Lamar and one from Pau...

So, game 4 will be another clash of epic proportions! Play on! GO LAKERS!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

For Realz, You Can't Tell Me Nothin!

La la la la wait til we win this title, right?
La la la la then you can't tell me nothin' right?

Monday, June 9, 2008

Can't Tell Me Nothin'!

Look, if you think I am going flip-flop and change, you are wrong. The Lakers are not done. We got done in by ourselves for the second game of the NBA Finals. First, game we let down because we got faked out by Paul. This game we let the lack of fair officiating take us out of the game. That shows mental weakness. Leon "The Show" Powe was running coast-to-coast and dunking all over the Lakers, so what son! We still got this.

Boston did the same thing against the Hawks and the Cavs this 2008 Playoffs. 3 straight games at Staples Center, we are cool. Lakers will win 4 in a row, just like the Celtics did against us. Step back gains some prospective and make adjustments, and that is what Playoff ballin' is all about.

No lead is safe. Even with the whole world staked against us and all the Laker Haters and Kobe Haters celebrating, know this. When the Lakers win the title and the champagne is flowing, don't say I didn't tell you so. I guess I has to be Lakers in six.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Not a Prediction

It's just how I feel. We got this! LAKERS!!!!

Fakeness does not stop us!

"Ahhhhhh, ref, Walton is all over me!?"

Untouched, Paul Pierce screams in pain!

Fakeness is the theme for this post.
Paul "The Truth" Pierce, totally faked it.
99% of the Celtics fans, super faking it. When the chips were down last season, where were y'all at? Get on that bandwagon and have a great time. I got lifelong Warriors fans suddenly converted to Celtic and KG lovers. Gimme a break. Lakers fans never falter. We stand up and sometimes stand alone to stand firm. Please enjoy your moment in the glorious sunshine. Savor the delicious flavors of that homecooking. Lopsided calls all game. You can have that. I knew it would be difficult to beat the Celtics at home. Worried, no, pissed off, yes.

Pissed because we knew Pau would have defensive problems with KG, but most of it was lack of effort. I can take getting dunked on off the dribble (that was super sick) what I can't take is a put back dunk (which was even nicer) cuz of lack of effort. Kobe can miss shots, that I have come to know well as a Laker fan, but not running the offense and not scoring in the 4th quater, not good.

Boston won game 1. KG got some super dooper highlight dunks, but if you are gonna try and convince me that the Los Angeles Lakers will lose again to the Celtics you're dead wrong. We lost 3 games in a row to this team. Kobe wasn't banging the jumper in the 4th. That's okay. We had a layoff and this was the first series in the 2008 Playoffs that we started on the road.

We have the superior coach and the best player, you think we are going down? Game won we lost, but that is it. I don't see the Lakers losing anymore games. MVP time. You are not ready. All y'all fake ass Boston fans get ready because when that Larry O'Brien trophy is once again in the Staples center, I am not going to be nice about it.

And by the way...
Willis Reed? My ass! Willis Reed is a champion. Willis Reed won 1970 NBA Finals vs. the Lakers. Phil Jackson was on the same team as Willis and I am pretty sure he and I are on the same page in thinking that Paul is bitchass for faking that injury.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Stanley Cup Champs!!

For all my real Detroit heads! It was 100 deep at Kezar last night! Octopus and champagne sprayed everywhere and on everybody. Shots for days, brews for weeks. It was a celebration from the Haight to Hart Plaza. Let's go Red Wings. Champions!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Obama wins the Democratic nomination. HUGE!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Peter Piper Pizza

So, you haven't had a party at Peter Piper Pizza National City yet? Let me tell ya, that spot is crazy tight. Not only do they have pizza and games, they have an awesome rule that if you want to buy a pitcher of ale you have to have two valid ID's! C'mon man! We gave them every possible combination of two adults we had to get our ale. I never worked so hard for michelob in my life. I digress... my sister partied like a rock star! Go Beni, it's ya birthday.

You might be wondering why there are no shots of the kids. Trying to get a kid to pose for a photo in Peter Piper Pizza is like trying to stop the N-Judah with your left pinky only, neva gonna happen. So, I stayed where the food and the ale was, I have hobbit tendencies (such an inside joke).