Thursday, June 12, 2008


Get yours son! Typically, His Royal Flyness, I am talking about me, would never reveal the source of the illmatic wears. This is your time to take advantage of an inside line to the hottest up and coming streetwear brand. CORRECT Clothing Company. You see me in my exclusive all black "Fronts" shirt sitting on MUNI, rocking out to some J Dilla on your right side.
I know you want that shirt, and now you can come up on one. Go to then click on the Kazbah section. OR Click on the title of this post and go straight to the CORRECT Clothing shop and stock up on the fly gear. That Orange Panda?! Come on man, that is hella fresh. Next time you see me, I will probably have that on.

You missed the launch party at D-Structure on May 2nd (go to my May 7, 2008 post for a look), so now is your chance to make up and wake up to the CORRECT way of handling the bizz. COP SOME!