Friday, June 6, 2008

Fakeness does not stop us!

"Ahhhhhh, ref, Walton is all over me!?"

Untouched, Paul Pierce screams in pain!

Fakeness is the theme for this post.
Paul "The Truth" Pierce, totally faked it.
99% of the Celtics fans, super faking it. When the chips were down last season, where were y'all at? Get on that bandwagon and have a great time. I got lifelong Warriors fans suddenly converted to Celtic and KG lovers. Gimme a break. Lakers fans never falter. We stand up and sometimes stand alone to stand firm. Please enjoy your moment in the glorious sunshine. Savor the delicious flavors of that homecooking. Lopsided calls all game. You can have that. I knew it would be difficult to beat the Celtics at home. Worried, no, pissed off, yes.

Pissed because we knew Pau would have defensive problems with KG, but most of it was lack of effort. I can take getting dunked on off the dribble (that was super sick) what I can't take is a put back dunk (which was even nicer) cuz of lack of effort. Kobe can miss shots, that I have come to know well as a Laker fan, but not running the offense and not scoring in the 4th quater, not good.

Boston won game 1. KG got some super dooper highlight dunks, but if you are gonna try and convince me that the Los Angeles Lakers will lose again to the Celtics you're dead wrong. We lost 3 games in a row to this team. Kobe wasn't banging the jumper in the 4th. That's okay. We had a layoff and this was the first series in the 2008 Playoffs that we started on the road.

We have the superior coach and the best player, you think we are going down? Game won we lost, but that is it. I don't see the Lakers losing anymore games. MVP time. You are not ready. All y'all fake ass Boston fans get ready because when that Larry O'Brien trophy is once again in the Staples center, I am not going to be nice about it.

And by the way...
Willis Reed? My ass! Willis Reed is a champion. Willis Reed won 1970 NBA Finals vs. the Lakers. Phil Jackson was on the same team as Willis and I am pretty sure he and I are on the same page in thinking that Paul is bitchass for faking that injury.