Saturday, October 25, 2008

Party People (Beat House Rock 2!)

This one was for the people! SAMIYAM, Ras G, Durlin Lurt, Mr. DIBIA$E, P.U.D.G.E., Mike Gao, Dak, and CiTiZeN TeN rocked Club 6 for another installment of BEAT HOUSE ROCK.

Beat House 2 was better than the first one. I know because I was there, and I was compelled to shoot even more pics than the last time. We had a nice vibe going on inside the Darkroom of Club 6 and the spot was jumping.

The bass was large if you know what I mean. I stood next to the speakers, my customary ill-advised position, to see if the beats alone were enough to make my head nod. Of course the head not was in full effect.

If this one was this live, I wonder about the next one. Will you be there? Uhhhh, yeah you will. Will I be there, of course!

Like I said this one was for the people. Also, this is scene building kid! We are showing you how to do this. At this point we are cannot be denied. Everytime we get together it is official. Bringing you hip hop in all forms, Truth And Rights.

Whenever, you need the blueprint to success, come peep the blog and see what we are doing. Not one time have we came half-stepping. Always come CORRECT.

Streetwear in the streets. Other cats just try and sell you a shirt, we are giving you the lifestyle. Don't trip, there is plenty gear for everybody!

Get ya mind right! CORRECT clothing and Truth And Rights, an unstoppable juggernaut of realness!!