Sunday, October 12, 2008


Dibiase, Asonic Garcia, Mono/Poly, Delofi, Yao, Citizen Ten, & DJ Centipede + CORRECT Clothing + Club 6 Darkroom + hip hop heads + drank = BEAT HOUSE ROCK!

This was such a fun night! If you weren't in the house, well, you missed out. If you know me you know how I roll. I never do wack shit. And this was far from wack. This is what you call scene building. This is authentic Hip Hop right here. All elements were in the house and there was unity, peace, and equality.

Parties like this make me reminisce of days of the Lyricist Lounge. When Hip Hop heads came together to do for the betterment of our culture. Everybody involved in this night should be appreciated, because without events like this how can the underground have a platform to shine on? Not everybody is iced out crazy, rhyming 'bout the same ole cliche. I feel honored to get down like this. The best part is you can get down too! Support by purchasing CORRECT clothing, or coming out to the next function, which of course will be up on Truth And Rights!

This is just why this blog is called Truth And Rights. Only the authentic illness and realness is put on here. And of course more to come!!

Back to doing what we do best, keeping it cultured. Truth And Rights is your source for all the hot shit bubbling up beneath the surface straight to the streets.