Sunday, February 22, 2009

Death and Re-birth of Skateboarding

I never ever wanted to be a professional skateboarder. I LOVE skateboarding too much to do that. I am a big fan of Lakai footwear, despite the fact that the last video they dropped should be their last. They put too much into it. They were trying to make a skateboard video, then something else happened. Why would you ever want to be the best at skateboarding? That isn't what it is about. Deadlines and skateboarding don't even mix. Why would skateboarding ever want to be the biggest and best sh*t out? I mean it will become like Hip Hop, super commercialized; and there is so much wack a$$ hip hop out that Hip Hop has lost crediblity. Why would you want everybody to skate? Why? It is to the point that cats on the very same team that put this out are over it. OG's leaving the team, young gunners leaving the team, the person with the best part and one of my favorite skaters to watch MJ, burnt on skateboarding. When the people that inspire the people are burnt, we have got issues. So, maybe that's is just what skateboarding needed in order for us to survive. This culture needs to remain underground and subversive in order to maintain originality and creativity. Cuz soon as stuff gets played you are looking for the next sh*t.

Marc Johnson from Epicly Later'd

Lakai Fully Flared Intro