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Hernandez Hungry

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Hernandez hungry for more

Chicharito is hoping for a trophy-winning debut season at United, and looking forward to getting back to winning ways in the league…

How do you assess your season so far? Has it gone better than you expected?
I’m very lucky to be here, and happy to have played so much for the biggest team in the world. I’m really enjoying myself and hope to play a part in the team winning trophies this year. My first season has gone better than I could have hoped for. I was expecting to be on the bench and playing for the Reserves more, to introduce me to football in this country, so I’m delighted to have played so many games. Now I want more.

Do you seek advice from your team-mates and the manager?
All the players talk to me about things I can work on and improve in my game. That’s a great thing about this club. I get advice from Wayne Rooney and Dimitar Berbatov on different areas of my game, but that’s not just because they are different types of strikers, it’s because they are different people. When the boss speaks to me, he always tells me to keep working and to keep the same mentality. He’s happy because I am improving a lot.

You’ve scored [16] goals so far this season: have you set yourself a target?
I’ve never set myself a goals target; I don’t like to put a number on it. All I want to do is win trophies with United, because this is a team game. Of course, I enjoying scoring goals and that’s my role as a striker, but I always say that goals are a consequence of teamwork.

Last time out in the league we lost to Liverpool. What do you think went wrong?
The game came at the end of two difficult weeks in which we played three other away games. We got the draw in Marseille and the win at Wigan, but lost at Chelsea and that may have affected our confidence a little. And at Liverpool, two mistakes cost us the game. But we are still in three competitions and we want to win them all, so we have the opportunity to get back to winning ways.

Scoring against them is normally a highlight of a United player’s career, but presumably you couldn’t take much pleasure because of the game’s result?
That’s true. Goals always give you confidence, but if I had the choice I would swap this one for the three points, as I’ve said about several other goals in my career. It was nice to get a goal at Anfield, but I would have preferred not to score and win. We can’t change the past, but we can focus on the present and the future. The mood is good. We’ve discussed what went wrong and what we can improve upon, and now we’re looking ahead. Everyone here – the manager, players and all the staff – is determined to respond. This is the crucial part of the season and we’re all looking forward to it.

After four away games in a row, has it been good to have a run of games at Old Trafford?
Yes, definitely. It’s great to play in front of all our fans, who give us an advantage. We generally haven’t played as well away from home as we have at Old Trafford. I can’t think of a reason why that would be the case, because we go out with the same mindset whether we’re playing at home or away – to win the game.

Chicharito was speaking to United Review ahead of the Arsenal FA Cup game.

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