Saturday, January 5, 2008

AMFM San Diego

Ahhh, the skateboard shop. The pulse of the scene. The spot for the gear. The place to connect. Where we go to belong. The shop is a second home for many of us. We go there to see what's crackin', to see what's new, and to see who's who. Allow me the great pleasure of introducing AMFM San Diego to the Truths And Rights blog. On my trip to SD I made it a point to visit, and become acquainted with this shop in lovely Pacific Beach 619.

The first thing that grabs me when I step in is BEATS son! Nothing like walking into a spot and they got your song knocking. It kind of takes care of that awkward silence that can occur when there is some serious lurking going down. I was greeted with a polite "What's up?" and "Everything is 50% off right now" FA SHO! This is Cat, she be runnin' thangs up in thurr. Her and Mike, are the folks that make this whole thing work. (By the way props to time to link it mayne!) Truth be known, it is nice to see the ladies get represented in business, and especially this world of skateboarding, this big sausage fest that it is!
May as well link this too

This is what separates stores from shops. The full service shop counter! It is one thing to have boards in your store, but for me to consider it a shop you got to have one of these counters. Most of the time the kids don't know how to put their own setup together and this is the spot to get that done. I remember being a grom and not havning my own tools, the guy behind the counter was my hero cuz he could put shit together and I couldn't. Also, check the fly shop decks! Anybody can get blank wood and slap a logo on it, but AMFM is taking it up a notch and doing their own board graphics, watch out CCS!

And I KNOW cats are on top of their fashion game. So, if you want the latest and greatest in streetwear/skate fashion. COME THRU! Cuz lord knows everybody wants to look like a skater, so come get your hotness here. Orisue, 10Deep, TheHundreds, Krew, DGK, Organika, 3Sixteen, OBEY and many others. By the way, Cathy and Mike link me with the allover print OBEY shirt the white one with the black writing, I forgot to get that while I was down it still half off?

This may be true or not, but this boombox is like the store mascot. I've seen it in plenty of photos, and some good looking ones at that. You know what I'm talking about. Those Zumiez (if that is even how you spell it) cats got the couch, we rock the box. I did say we didn't I? I guess that's because at AMFM they treat you like fam.
So there it is! Go there 1418 Garnet Avenue, San Diego, CA 92109 Also, tell them Truths And Rights sent you.