Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Marc Johnson Thrasher SOTY

Truth And Rights bring you an exclusive look at the Marc Johnson Skater Of The Year Party thrown by the good folks at Thrasher Magazine! This was so much fun, it was incredible.

First off, thanks to Karl Watson and Sam Smyth for getting me into the party. Karl and I were planning on rolling, but we couldn't find a sitter for the youths. So, as I was at the GAMH waiting outside on-line, K Dubz was behind the scene calling up Sam, who was in the hotel pregaming after a ride in the van from LA. As I was outside I see Stefan Janoski roll up with his posse. The Huf crew, Corey Duffel came out too, that dude is tizzal. Then this stretch limo pulls up and out walks Tim Gavin, Kelly Bird, Rick Howard, BA, Koston, Sam Smyth and MJ. Probably more cats too but I was on the phone with Karl when they showed up. While I was on the phone with him (no bullshit either!) Sam walks in front of me and Karl tells me to give my phone to Smyth. So this is how it went:
Me: Hey Sam, it's Karl on the phone
Sam: (Look of bewilderment) Takes the phone
Me: (How casual was that, I don't even know this guy)
Sam: I don't even know my situation yet, but if I can hook it up I will. See you in a few
Me: Thanks Karl! How random is that?
Karl: That wasn't a coincidence. Have fun my man!
Craze, huh? So, as I am waiting for Sam, some strangers roll up and ask if I was in line and I was like, "I am waiting for a friend" So, instantly the girl who asked me the question scoffs at me like I am trash and tells her friends to cut me. I didn't trip and played it cool. Afterall I didn't have a wristband and I wasn't on the list, so...This group of two couples comes up to me and asks me if LRG was a new company, because I was rocking the flyest in Lifted Research. I was like, "Nah, they've been around for a while." Then they proceeded to tell me how cool my jacket was and if I didn't get inside they'd sneak me in. Just then, Sam walks up with the golden ticket, a fucking wristband! He passed it to me on the sly and I rolled up in there with the quickness! After I got in twas madness. I look to my left and the whole freaking Girl/Chocolate posse is just chillin'. Ty was up in there. Koston was rocking a v-neck sweater and a button up. BA was wearing the fedora. Biebel was Sacto King'd out and MJ was there with a lady friend looking hella excited.

I saw that it was an open bar and then I knew I was in for a great night. My FTC heads were in the house and Ando had the photog action going down. Conor Kelly from Thrasher was pounding ales (dude, I have the Bob Digi shirt for you). And after my second round of brew all this sick shit started going down. Carroll was buying shots and beers for the masses. Paul Shier and I talked about the return of Kevin Keegan to Newcastle. John Cardiel bought me a Stella. Dennis B. and Omar were waiting for beers for days, and Valiant Thor brought the metal madness. Jeron Wilson is as cool as he looks. He was so chill when I was chatting with him. Here was our conversation (as best as I can remember)
Me: Hey Jeron
Jeron: (Stretches out hand) Sup man
Me: I don't want an autograph, or to sell you anything. I just want you guys to keep skating. Your shit is inspirational
Jeron: Oh most definately. We are going to keep skating.
Me: Tell The Gav that when he staged dived he fucked my jacket up.
Jeron: Hahaha. For sure I'll tell him

The highlight of the evening was Marc's Acceptance speech. And yes. I got that on video. Front row action. Also, Tim Gavin busted a stage dive and I was the only one to catch him. Whoa. He spilt beer all over me, but you know what, that's cool. I am not mad at cha. So, enjoy the pics and vid. Too bad you didn't roll, cuz that shit was sick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!