Monday, August 11, 2008

Cullen "The Black Orca" Jones

If you didn't see that 4x100 Men's Freestyle swimming relay you will. And let Truth And Rights be the first to tell you that Bronx born Cullen "The Black Orca" Jones was a member of that team. He swam that 3rd leg to set up an unlikely victory for team USA. He is a Black Man just to let you know. Brothas are stereotyped as folks that don't swim. Not only do Black people swim, they win OLYMPIC GOLD! Take that, take that, take that! I hope he does the Soulja Boy too, Superman-ing on all y'all haters. That is the story of the games so far and I am glad that Black people are represented and represented well. He is DA BOMB. Go Orca!

(Cullen Jones does not know us but since he is Black and swims fast we will call him the mighty and majestic Orca)