Friday, August 22, 2008


The legendary greatness!! The rumors are true and I just thought that I'd make it mAd official that HUF is a bomb ass shoe spot. If you are a shoe head copping kicks from here just makes you feel special. You know that green bag with the illmatic niceness inside. Customer service is great here too. I was on the phone yapping it up and they still were nice to me! I was actually being kind of rude, asking for 3 different pairs of shoes while on the celly, just pointing at the kicks and mouthing "size 12". They passed the test with flying colors! Maybe they knew they were gonna be blogged... Anyway, Kevin when are you coming out to come see the spots? These cats got 4 stores in The City now.

808 Sutter 415.614.94.14
812 Sutter 415.674.37.44
816 Sutter 415.614.94.49
516 Hayes 415.552.38.20