Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Goodbye 2008, Hello 2009

It's been a great year for Truth And Rights. We survived yet another year. Ups downs and everything in between. The Jamaica trip was the standout highlight. So, I will leave you with some tropical images of our trip. Peace and love to all mankind!!!!!

(I shoot landscape shots with the camera so you can imagine yourself there, who cares what I look like doing it! You got to see YOU doing it. Know what I mean?)

The Hotel Walkway

One of the Hotel Swimming pools

One of the Hotel Dining Halls

The other Hotel Swimming Pool Seen from Green Island Dining Hall

The White Sands Beach, a perfect mix of sun, shade, and warm water

The twilight sky at Rick's Cafe

Turquoise waters of the pirate caves

Sunset over the Sea

In the crocodile infested waters with the love of my life

Jamaican Mountains (we went zip lining in there)

Y.S. falls

Mineral Pool at Y.S. Falls