Saturday, December 13, 2008

VICTORY! FC Barcelona 2 Real Madrid 0

After completely dominating the play in midfield for the entire match FC Barcelona made the breakthrough after 83 minutes. Outstanding goalkeeping by Casillas kept the Barcelona attack at bay. Real Madrid was neutralized along their left side as Alves and Messi were running rampant along the sidelines. Madrid played phyiscal, which is not their style. They committed foul after foul after foul. Raul was getting no service and Yaya Toure controlled the center of the park. From the beginning of the match it looked as if Real Madrid were waiting to counterattack. The counter game never materialized and finally Barca capitalized on one of their many corners. Messi added a touch of brilliance to add insult to injury at the 91st minute to seal the victory at Camp Nou.

FC Barcelona 2 Real Madrid 0
Eto'o 83'
Messi 90'+