Friday, March 7, 2008

Dedication by Rashid Hadee

The Dirty Dutchmen of was the first person to put me on to Hadee. Rashid got them beats and Rashid got them rhymes. Those are the first two things that let me know if I will like your album or not. Why would I ever grace this blog with wackness? This is such a good listen. I've been knocking it ever since BoHandles blessed me with yet another album of dope hip hop (keep it comin' Sun!). Let's go on another musical journey, shall we?

01 DEDICATION INTRO | prod. rashid hadee

What an introduction! This ain't some 60 second rant about, "We got that fiyah!" Or some "We got beef with, so and so". Like he says, "This music is sacred". On the real. This is a real motivator. When you are having a downer day, put this joint on and re-focus. The fading is excellent, the use of the decrescendo is impeccable. (I am a hip hop connoisseur, don't hate!)

02 YOU CAN'T HIDE FT. AUGUSTINE | prod. rashid hadee

This cat is from the City of Wind. A "mid-coast" cat who is straight bull-rushing hip hop. It really seems like he doesn't care what the hell other cats are doing. He is pure. And by pure I mean, he is coming original. Just like my favorite band (311 all day). He doesn't sound like anybody else. He is on his grind when it comes to production as well. So dangerous. He isn't waiting on anybody else to catch on, he trailblazes with the soundscape. Such a great track to play loud. Very rich indeed.

03 THE REMEMBERANCE | prod. rashid hadee

I don't know why I am such a huge fan of the use of record sampling, I just am. He starts this off so nice, "Ice Cubes today was a good day, but the opposite". He is remembering times past and his recollections are so genuine. I can't tell if this is poetry or a diary entry. I can visualize every single word. This is coherent rhyming, not that ignorant shit.

04 LET GO | prod. rashid hadee

When I get to SD I am going to play this one right hurr loud on the surround sound. A party song for real. The drums are fast paced, and there is this drum roll sample that proceeds throughout the entire song that is just so damn fresh. Do the wop and LET GO!

05 SURRENDER FT. MANOV WAR | prod. rashid hadee

This one happens to be on the myspace right now. Beautiful. It reminds me of this dark haired, brown eyed beauty that I've been in love with for many years now. "Everyboooooody's willing to surrender!" says the sample at the begining. There is a Method Man sample in here and some SICK scratches, I mean Primo style scratches. Neck-breaking head nodding going on right now. For the lovers and loved. If you got a girl that likes hop, put this track on and you might get your mid-paced two step on in the apartment, if you got it like that. The way the verses blend together are like watching Chicagof, seamless transitions.


Ghetto. "Take a hit of thses bars, it's like the Kush up in ya." This is a soundtrack to my old 'hood in Frisco, The Mission. When I hear this one I just think of the 16th and Mission Bart station and skating from there down to 24th St. Hella slingin' going on so flagrantly. Fiends, pushers, smoke, cops, young bangers, and bicycles, 24hrs a day 7 days a week. Go to that street and see what I am talking about. A hood-ass posse cut, is the way I describe this one.

07 SIX TO SEVEN | prod. rashid hadee

"What do you believe in, Heaven or Hell?" Another track about pain! I like those ones. I can just relate to pain so much easier than, cats flossing big chains. I never had a chain made of a precious metal or rims bigger than 20 inches. I can relate to being down and out. I can relate to going through Hell to get to Heaven. "Keep it movin' now". Don't dwell. Working and going to school at the same time is such a different lifestyle. Working so hard for so long, it is easy to try and stay on "permanent vacay". You should try it sometime, the working and going to University at the same time. Talk about on your grind! I like the little outro beat to this track too.

08 GET YOU OUTTA MY HEAD FT. YOUNG VALENTINE | prod. young valentine

This track isn't produced by Hadee but it is still hella fresh. This one is about a girl. Men out there that have been loved and left, this one is for you. The one that got away, and it was your fault. If you got a good lady, don't slip on the work to keep the love-light burning, because I have seen many a bredren and non bredren alike just let some great women drop off the family tree like a ripe acorn. The grass isn't really that much greener, go ahead and not believe me, but my G is too futuristic fo y'all niggas anyway, so go and be the typical dumbass and then somebody will swoop on your old bird and then you'll remember what I said. Sometimes you got to mess up to realize.

09 ALL I NEED YOU TO DO FT. AUGUSTINE & KHALLEE | prod. rashid hadee

I like to bump this one before balling. This is a good track to have some highlights going on over, or some skating. I could see Stevie Williams skating with this one in the background. Each snare hit is distinct, like the crack of a skateboard pop. Filmers out there you can thank me later.

10 ADDICTION | prod. rashid hadee

Oh my goodness. Yet another banger. I am addicted to a couple of things, and hip hop is one of them. Hip Hop isn't even my favorite kind of music to tell you the truth. (Its ROOTS REGGAE, just in case you wanted to know) But I can't get enough of it, it is the twins' fault. If my brother and sister weren't so cool to me when I was younger I wouldn't be hopped out like I am these days. I just want to zone out and listen to albums. Like the day the new Common came out, I got it put it on the pod and went to Golden Gate Park to walk around and hear the whole thing. If you got a silver G35 we are going to play this one hella loud with the top down, or if you are rolling in a champagne colored Benz this one is disc 6...

11 MISSING PIECES | prod. rashid hadee

You ever feel lonely? You ever missing anybody? Play this one right here. To the incarcerated ones and the ones that are in the next level and the ones that have left Earth. I miss Patrice Lumumba and I never even met him.

12 THE XPRESSWAY | prod. melatone

Is it possible to like every single track on one album? Yes, it really is. L-Taraval outbound to Civic Center, then BART from Civic to Balboa Park, and finally the 43 Masonic to my block. If you take that ride then you will really really feel me.

13 PLANNIN' FOR TOMORROW | prod. rashid hadee

How many hip hop songs talk about planning for another day? Not many, right? Rashid is not preaching to you on this one either. Listen to the samples at the begining and end of the track for more insight to what this dude is talking about.

14 MERCURY RETROGRADE (BONUS TRACK) | prod. rashid hadee