Monday, March 10, 2008

Making of Fibonacci

Day 1

Day 2

On day 1 I met up with members of (g)eppetto (G)estapo to work on A Fibonacci Sequence. We did a live jamdown @ UCSF. On day 2 I woke up and wrote my verse and then we went to the studio and banged it out, first take first try. Recorded live in HD, mixed and mastered by Adrian Wong. Look for the album Plans of the Planets to drop in the near future.

A Fibonacci Sequence

Clint Allday aka Clintaur aka Tone999- bass
Alice Wang- electric cello
Trevor Oelrich- harmonica
Julie O'Neal- drums
Curt Allday aka Galactic Son aka Catastrophe God- vox

Tshilumba Kabongo aka Mad Scientist aka The Golden Griffin- vox

Engineer- Adrian Wong