Tuesday, March 4, 2008


(Disclosure: Truth And Rights is politically affiliated with the Creator and no other political party besides the Congolese Revolutionary Party For Progress. For this United States of America Presidential Election, the staff of TAR is giving Barack Obama its full support, however on this a very important politcal day the author is not optimistic about the future of the Presidency and below states thoughts and personal feelings. In no way are websites, companies, and other persons other than the TAR staff associated with these views. Thank you)

On the real because this is America, there is no way that the voting population of this country will have Clinton or Obama in the White House. After my first voting experience as a wee 18 year old in the 2000 election, I was pimp slapped into reality that all people do is talk, talk, talk, and NEVER vote. Young blacks, not at the ballot box, young male latinos, not at the ballot box (where are they you ask? incarcerated or in iraq). With all the MTV rock the vote propaganda, and mass media making us think that this Democratic Primary Race is the hot shit, America does what it does best in crunch time, go for the familiar. Clintons in the White House again, yeah right! A Black man as the President in racist ass USA, Dream on! Yeah Obama gets my support and the support of many others, but when the REAL election comes around in November, I would not be surprised if your boy "Jackie" (Sen. John McCain) is getting his inaguration on. White males will stay up in the white house because that is what this country is about, that is who the "founding fathers" are.

Until the people that are from that era of big time haterism are dead and buried, like when my kids have kids, then maybe just maybe we can have a new look White House.
This country is only 40 years removed from the
"colored" water fountain.

30 years removed from intergration of public schooling. It would be foolish and downright assinine to think that this place, who wants to kick out Mexicans who do our "dirty jobs"
, this country, founded by immigrants, yet want to be all separatist from them, this land of the free and home of the brave, that wants Iran to never have a nuclear program while being the only country with enough balls to blast Japan with nukes, this land, full of inflation, taxation, media sensationalization, and military domination, this country of yours and mine, will not and is not mature enough to have a female, or a Black man run the show.
With that being said, I will still continue to vote and be a patriot. For years I was an American hating on America, which is a problem I say, and now at the ripe old age of 25, going on 48, I now see the hope lies in the future generations. Cliche? Yes, but true. All of us adults are rigid and set in our ways. We all think we are right every single time, and use our bias ass sources to back us up. As an educator of youth, I teach the principles of TRUTH and RIGHTS, and that, my loves is the only way to effect change amongst the population. I and I deal only with righteousness. I treat those who would be considered enemies as friends. I listen and respect the opposition, and kill only with kindness. Mr.John McCain is not an enemey but my teacher. Showing me a different side of reality which, at this time seems quite logical and grounded in what is really going on politically. So, don't hate appreciate and learn to listen.
Peace to you and yours, and GO VOTE! (Stop just talking shit!)