Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Bynum Injury Update

Andrew Bynum Update
Published by Ty NowellMay 5, 2008 in Injury News and Andrew Bynum.

Injured Lakers Center Andrew Bynum will seek another opinion on the left knee that has caused him to sit out since mid-January.

Team spokesman John Black informed the media that Bynum will seek the advice of Dr. Steven Gecha of Princeton, New Jersey.

Bynum was injured mid-way through the January 13th game against the Memphis Grizzlies and has not returned to action since. Andrew has followed a rehab regiment that has allowed him to work on the court, but not to the point that he would be ready to compete at an NBA level.

He recently told the LA Times, “I doubt there’s going to be a comeback this year. I’ve got to get my knee straight. At this point, I’d have to train for a good month just to be able to go out there and play.”

“It’s frustrating because I can do everything but what pertains to basketball — running and jumping, defensive slides.”