Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Correct Clothing Company Party @ D-Structure

Thanks to the helpful staff @ D-Structure, Jason Krothe, Thomas Lerou, Citizen Ten, Tenfold, Ian Hill, DJ Centipede, Boggle and Jumbo for making this a great party.

The spot was packed and it was poppin' when I rolled up. It was like rolling up to a club, but the best part was that it wasn't a club! It was D-Structure! Anyways, the vibe was nice, people were slamming down free drinks, but not being ridiculous. Truthfully, everyone was just happy. Such a Lower Haight vibe. If you didn't roll thru like I told you to, you missed out. All the new gear was everywhere (the Panda shirt was the whole ish of the whole night) and it went down seamlessly.

As you can see, this party was fun. And that is what parties should be about. It had all the elements of a great night. Hot gear, hot beats, free alcohol, good location, and beautiful scenery (all that art on the walls, are you kidding me!). Straight up...CORRECT.

It ain't about talking about it, it is about BEING about it. So, when the label says CORRECT, you know what your are gonna get, period.