Saturday, February 23, 2008

Below The Heavens

Whatchall know about Blu and Exile? Truthfully, I didn't know crap about the kid. But one day DJ BoHandles played a song called "No Greater Love", after that my mind got open.

Exile is on the beats Blu is on the flow. They hail from LA. Lots of people are just getting into the "soulful" style of beat making, but after you listen to the album, you know this ain't some rookie shit.

Blu flows with the familiarity of your neighborhood's illest emcee. He has got so much realism in the rhymes. Yeah, I cannot listen to more rhymes about the same stuff, i.e. Rims, Hoes, Cash. This kid puts his life into the rhymes. The type of rhymes that need to be caught at a live show at a spot like DNA lounge. He has been added to the soundtrack of my life (ipod) and now after getting in tune with Truth And Rights you can spread knowledge about that real hip hop.

To the music...


01. My World Is...: The intro! This album starts off the right way. Not too much talking and braggadocio about how hot this album is going to be. Just a sweet sample and sick flows. "Many members fell off cuz they didn't know the ledge"

02. The Narrow Path: The use of samples are lesson like in this track. At the end of the previous song the words are a prelude to what is going to happen next. "Tryin to get they gravy straight" FOR REALS. Doing the right thing is a tough choice for some. The straight and narrow path is usually a lonely one.

03. Simply Amazin’ (steel blazin’): Close your eyes. Seriously, close your eyes as you listen to this track. Drums, cuts, samples, flows so pure. This is the type of music that inspires me to live my life. He is trying to bring hope to the people. Rhyming like this changes people's attitudes. His life origins are sewn thru the seams of the song.

04. Juice n’ Dranks: DEEEEEEEEEEEETROIT! Taarach is on this track. (Det-LA connection, this is a reoccurring theme in my life). Do I really need to say more?

05. In Remembrance: A back in the day track. The 1990's were a heyday for me and Blu as well. Seriously, I grew up good. Although there were some childhood memories that I can forget, when I look bad on the "good ole days" I have this beat running thru my mind. Learn something from this track.

06. Blu Collar Worker: "Gotta go and get the money!" -Jay Dee. Seriously, you can't win in love, you comprimise. Get that message loud and clear all you couples out there. Either you work too much, or you don't work enough. Work. Do it and die, but make sure that it is work you like.

07. Dancing In The Rain: "Just move your ass". Talk about staying in your zone. When you are a mogul in the making, cats wonder where the hell you are. I feel like Dilla sometimes, cuz peeps are always like "where are you at? what are you doing?" I am living my life like tomorrow is not guaranteed, because it isn't really. So, when you are with me get on my vibe and act like this is your last day of freedom, so do what you want just don't hurt the Earth.

08. First Things First: How hard is it being single? I know lots of single 20somethings that go thru some shit. Whether it's taxitas asking you to sit shotty, or co-workers that put ice down your shirt, at an attempt to be cute, or ex-girls that don't return your DVD's or if she puts your hands on her boobs then gets mad when you take her shirt off. (All TRUE stories, not me tho!!) I am not envious of you singles out there. You can't even smile at a girl w/o some drama. How do you meet people these days?

09. Greater Love: (See/hear for yourself. PUT YA HANDS UP!!!!!) Wow.

10. Good Life w/Aloe Blacc & Joseph: Show me! Who doesn't want to have the good life? Being poor is not a crime (Bigg Justoleum). We all want to live our dreams, so why not dream in reality?

11. Soul Rising: Oooooooooooooh! Pure headnoddedness. If you listen to this and don't get your hiphop headnod on, you are either smoked out crazy or dead. "I'm making niggas see the light like a bright idea" C'mon, you can't hate on that. That quote is exactly like I feel every single day of my post baccalaureate life.

12. Cold Hearted: Songs about pain are always something that I enjoy. I have dealt with so much pain in my life it is refreshing to hear others go thru it too. Misery loves company. As positive as the I and I can be, I can't see life without pain.

13. Below The Heavens pt. I: Who's world is this? Where is heaven? Some have definitive answers to these questions, and those that do not find themselves guideless and unknowing slaves to a mental death. Seek paradise. Why the hell not?

14. Below The Heavens pt. II: I enjoy the concept of a second part to a previous idea/song/story/movie. The sequal is always compared to the first but is that really fair? A sequal is typically a continuation of something else, it's like your life, you a you part 2 tomorrow morning and recreate your own self.

15. I Am...: What a way to go out. I liked the creativity of this last track. Thinking outside the box with the spidit.

Cats like Blu make the game nice. B+ on the Conquering Lions grade scale. His mixtape is nice too...