Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Paintings on the wall...Do you take them for granted? How much art is in the city of San Francisco? Exactly, what the hell kind of question is that? Where are you going with this?

To the bathroom/ Or maybe the living room/ Perhaps a trip to the washer machine/ Or how about just walking in the door.

Many of you don't take advantage of getting out and seeking art. Just imagine a world without artists. Actually, don't waste your time doing that. Think about all the art you take for granted.

Wack art, is still art. Art makes you think. It forces debate or conversation. Art is wearable. Art is eatable. Art is thinkable. Art is incredible!

Everyday I can sit in my living room and stare and wonder. I can go up close or far away.

What I see today may not be there tomorrow. So, I indulge myself and stare, and stare, and stare.

I know there are readers on some, "What the hell is so great about art?" I pity thee! Those are the ones who might get inspiration from watching Making the Band 4, but what are those characters doing? Singing. What is singing? Ahhhhh, that's right. Art.

Or those that are "too cool" for art. Well, expose yourself to art! Especially local art. All they want you to do is check it out. Sometimes they like to go to their own shows incognito and talk shit about thier own stuff, just to get a reaction.

Don't sleep on the beauty that surrounds you. Get exposed!

(All these paintings are acrylic on canvas, created by Tom Estess)