Sunday, February 3, 2008

Dear Mitch, I AM SORRY!

Dear Mr. Mitch Kupchak,

Truth And Rights is issuing you, sir, a public apology. In an October 2007 post, NBA True Hollywood Story, I called Mr. Kupchak a bad GM. I also seriously doubted Andrew Bynum and the vision of Dr. Buss. I was wrong, and I am sorry for my comments. My apology is not a regret, because at that time the Lakers were in turmoil, in my opinion. We just lost a preseason game to Golden State and there was all kinds of controversy swirling about the organization, with respect to Kobe trade rumors. I felt that to keep Bryant in LA was the ultimate priority and due to the lack of knowledge that a non NBA GM like myself has, I didn't know the Lakers were trying to cloud the minds of the Association with the greatest Jedi Mindtrick in the history of sports.

My lack of faith led me toward a path of the darkside, but as the season grew closer, my mind became more clear. At the halfway point in the season I now know that this preseason strategy cannot be repeated by any other team.

Step 1. Create the ultimate distraction: Have Kobe go on every media outlet available and ask for a trade. Look what that did to the Bulls! They haven't recovered since! The rest of the NBA is confused and distracted from the true goal of winning a Championship.

Step 2. Haircuts, Tatoos, and Swagger: While the rest of the world thinks that the Lakers bench is soft and non-productive. Give Farmar and Bad Vlad a haircut, have Sasha grow his hair out. Make us all believe Kobe hates his team. Meanwhile, the Lakers are behind closed doors laughing at the rest of us because Bynum has been training under the supreme shot machine Kareem, and perfecting signature moves, like the "lean" dunk. You know the one where he rises and leans thru the whole paited area to a thunderclap dunk?

Step 3. Just when the haters start to flap the gums once again, legitimize the Championship plans and get a baller ass Pau Gasol. Kobe said he wanted to play for a contender right now. Just when everybody and their Mom is crowning Boston's so called Big 3. The Lakers will have a LEGIT big 5. Allen, Pauly P, and Garnett vs. Kobe, Gasol, Bynum, Odom and Fisher. I'd love to see Boston in the NBA finals, but they wouldn't get past the Pistons, let alone the Magic.

I SEE YOU MITCH! Who is ready for another Laker NBA Takeover!? I am! I been ready since 2002. All of you have been warned. Even people that turned CLIPPER FAN (Yeah you Koston) y'all can come back to reality and see that the Los Angeles Lakers will win the NBA title before Boston even gets past the second round. Ya big dummies.