Friday, April 25, 2008


I have been on a serious bender for a hot one. The 7-Eleven by my girlfriends apartment sells Heineken pints for $1.49. I was drinking at least 2 pints a day for about 4 days straight and then the NBA playoffs started and I moved up to 5 pints. Whoa!

Me: "Babe let me take a picture of you!"

Her: "Okay, first let me do an impersonation of you"

Me: (click)

Her: "That's what you looked like for the past couple of days"

Me: "..."

Note to self:
Hi this is your liver speaking. Although the crisp and refreshing taste of Amsterdam's second most famous attraction are sold to you at dirt dog malt liquor pricing, enjoy in moderation. We know of your high tolerance and ability to drink tall pints in a single bound, but seriously, you will thank me when you are older. Have some vitamin water instead. Oh yeah, and don't forget about working on that left handed jump shot and extending the range to Gilbert Arenas levels.