Friday, April 11, 2008

Let's Play Ball!

Keep it classy San Diego! That was the theme of the first day going to the ballpark this year. Last time I went to see the San Diego Padres versus the San Francisco Giants, it was a shameful debacle (Padres won tho!). So this year, I decided to keep it classy and go to the game with cats that don't try and fight mascots.

Great minds think alike. And my sister and I went to the ballpark on the same day. She was in Arlington for the O's vs. the Rangers. Sadly both of our teams lost, (Rangers and Padres) but going to the ballpark is about having fun, and being classy.

All smiles in Texas. Who cares about the score! We are having fun! (Hell yes it would have been MORE fun if we had won the games)

I had some time on my hands (and the liquor store is right by the Embarcadero), so I got some Jack Daniels and some cola, and took a stroll along the San Fran Embarcadero. Man, SF is a great looking city. Look at these pics. Is your downtown this fly?

Finally, after a stroll and heavy buzz going, I get to AT&T Park.

(Click on the pic above!)

Next time, Padres win!