Thursday, April 3, 2008


Why would any emcee call himself The Genius? Because it is the truth damnit! April 1 at the Independent in San Francisco, CA close to the midnight hour, The GZA ripped the mic, ripped the stage, ripped the system, he was born to rage against them.

Let's say that I was more than ready to go to the show. This shirt is courtesy of BoHandles, AND, thanks to him Rone and I got into the show. Lord knows how many times I went to a show at the Independent only to see it sold out and/or the artist doesn't show up. This had the makings of a special night because he was going to be performing Liquid Swords in its entirety.

After a big can of the Heineken brew Bo and I set off on the magical mystery tour bus that is the 43 Masonic. That bus will take you to places you've never heard of in SF, but we got off took that walk across the panhandle and got the tix at the box office. There we saw all the heads that were caught sleeping and missed out on tix. I was there before, but I didn't feel sorry for them, they had their chance and slipped on it.
We smashed down cheesestakes across the street at Jay's (which is hella good btw) and went to Madrone too sip on, well actually we were double fisting, $2 Red Stripes, while listening to the sounds of CitiZenTeN. Big ups to T$ by the way, cuz he is just nice like that AND correct clothing is well, correct. So after a French exit from the club we stepped to the hotbox that is the Independent.
It was hella packed and hella hot. We had to drop off some garments and cop a pint of the Hennessy (for my concert smugglers out there, the door is lax). Blue Scholars opened up and they were okay. Then J-Boogie comes on stage to get us hyped to see the Genius. Fake mixing ass cat. He had a laptop and was just playing us a playlist of that '89 shit, which is dope music, but there were hella kids in the crowd. They didn't know about none of that, AND he would act like he was mixing by busting random scratches with the headphones over both of his ears. You are not mixing records live with both headphones on and double-clicking your mouse. Good songs wack mixes. He wasn't even playing any Wu-Tang and shit!

Fast forward a pint of Henn later...Enter the Genius. Cat came out exactly like we thought. He did the whole album and then some. Oh you missed it? You missed out.

And this video is why we call him the Genius...

The GZA!