Monday, April 14, 2008

Cake for Breakfast


The beauty of pancakes is that they are super easy to make, but if you don't have savvy then your cakes will taste like crap. Here are some breakfast cake tips, from yours truly.

Start with a bomb instant pancake mix. (trader joe's buttermilk)
Next ignore the directions on the box. (that's where cats get it f'd up)
Dump some of the mix in a bowl. (alot for alot and a little for a little)
Now instead of water, put in milk. (fat free)

How much, you say? Well make sure it is thicker than scrambled eggs before you cook them, you want the consistency to be like some ranch dressing from hidden valley, just a little thicker.

Take a small fork and whip the crap out of the mixture until there are no lumps.
Use a small frying pan. (this insures good shape and good heat)
Make sure your stove is on medium hot for about 5 mins prior to making the cakes.
Take a big ladle and pour your cakes onto the hot pan.
When the side facing up is bubbly like a mofo, flip it.

When the other side is ready the steaming will stop, make sure to check the other side before you take it off, its got to have that nice pancake color.
Bang, you done son!

I like to have scrambled eggs with mine, and today I had vitamin water. Breakfast of champions. When you are about to put butter and syrup on your pancakes, put the butter and syrup in a microwave safe bowl together and warm it up for a minute. Then pour the hot, sweet, buttery mixture all over your plate and enjoy another meal!

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