Friday, August 24, 2007

Bangledesh Curfew

Taken from San Francisco Chronicle A19 8/23/07
8pm be in the house
Cell phone service stopped momentarily
University students protest
Why?: The former President Iajuddin Ahmed canceled scheduled elections, curtailed press freedoms and other civil liberties and then stepped down. Would this ever happen in America? The answer is it is happening right now! Yo the world is in the middle of a global conflict, if you didn't know. War in Africa, war in Asia, war in Europe, war in America, war in South America. Bush has been curtailing civil liberties for about 8 years now. 2008 is an election year. AMERICA DON'T FUCK UP!! Do your research and let's make history with the next election. Obama '08? We will see.

San Francisco Chronicle D3 8/23/07
Marbury's Opinion on Vick dogfighting is that what about all the sport "hunters"? Dogfighting and Hunting is one worse than the other? Dogfighting is underground and non televised and it is dog v. dog. Hunting is accepted by the mainstream and OutdoorLife Network shows it all the time, it is armed man v. animal. I am not a fan of either. And for Mike Vick's sake, I wish him the best.