Wednesday, August 29, 2007

I Hope You Are Paying Attention!

The Attorney General quit (Alberto Gonzales), Bush's top aide quits (Karl Rove), Cheney's top aide quits (Scooter Libby). This is TRUTH and RIGHTS reporting the realness that is going down in Washington, D.C. United States of Assholes oh I mean Amerikkka, um, I mean Uh-Mer-Ik-Uh, as W eloquently puts it. I blame this on YOU the USA public. Y'all put him in the office for a second term. And I also blame this on all the non-voters, the "I'm not into politics" people, and the "Uh what is voting?" people. FUCK Y'all. That's right! I said it. And you can quote me on it. My votes have been invalidated for years because the rest of America is sleeping and refuses to wake the hell up. You just want to bitch about Lindsay Lohan getting her coke charges dropped. Get over it. She is white, rich, and young. So that equals freedom to do what the hell you want to do. Seriously, get over it. White chicks can get away with whateverz. But back to the topic.
The people's President has a faulty ass Cabinet. As you can see, these "leaders" of the USA are doing a terrible job and they quit. How many Presidential ad visor's can quit in one year? Why are they quitting? Do you know? Let me learn you something, and I am most likely preaching to the choir as they say, but if you are reading this you have some kind of sense of humor, and a mind capable of following the flow, hear this:

He is responsible for a majority of the post 9/11 paranoia that has you watching what you say on your cell phone. He is responsible for starting a warrant less domestic eavesdropping program. That's correct. This is the person that wants to spy on us without reason. Warrant less domestic eavesdropping. That is like Nazi stylee right there. He is also responsible for the denial of right to habeas corpus in the United States Constitution (if you don't have a copy of the Constitution, don't get mad if you don't know YOUR rights, you'll get played and that is your own ass. You can get one for free and you should have one for reals). DENIAL of the ability to challenge an unjust arrest or detention of yourself or another person. In a nutshell, after the goverment spies on you they can throw you in jail and you can't do anything about it. They (Federal Government) can spy on you without reason, and put you in jail without reason, and you can't challenge it, so you can sit in a cell for an indeterminate amount of time. HELLO! Serious shit here. This cat is on some Super Facisim tip. This is a, ahem, founding father of the USA Patriot Act, aka Welcome to the Fourth Reich.

This man is one of the main reasons that my rhymes are still relevant:
"Another War torn day in the land of Iraq, school budget crisis, Govenor plan of attack, people breaking backs trying to make that rent, landlord kick you out live in a tent"
Karl was the chairman for WHIG. What is WHIG you ask? White House Iraq Group. This was a secret group that held secret meetings prior to the conflict, my bad, "Shock and Awe campaign" aka, Bombs over Baghdad (You thought OutKast was crazy didn't you?). WHIG was created and in session 8 months prior to the war; they sat in the WHIG meetings coming up with ways to convince the American public that Saddam should be ousted and we should go and take his oil, I mean liberate Iraq. This cat was in administration energy policy meetings while at the same time holding stock in energy companies including Enron. More crooked than the K on Mark Gonzales' skateboard. Wait, it gets better. THIS IDIOT OUTED A SECRET AGENT. V. Plame. I mean talk about can't keep a secret. How can you even do something that dumb? He outed a secret agent? He told the name of a secret agent to the press. Let that sink in.

Scooter? How can I take grown-ass man seriously with a name like that? Libby resigned his government positions after his indictment on five felony counts in the grand jury investigation into the disclosure of the then-classified identity of covert CIA operative, Valerie E. Wilson (Mrs. Joseph C. Wilson), also known as "Valerie Plame". This son-of-a-bitch got a PRESIDENTIAL PARDON! After being found guilty, instead of going to jail for 25 years and paying a fine of one million dollars, he got probation! Yo, W, what about Mike Vick? Can you commute or pardon him so he can play football in the ATL? At least Vick apologized to the people, my bad, Mike Vick isn't Paris Hilton or LL (not cool James, but Lohan). So if Vick was a white girl who was rich and white, oh did I say that again?, he'd be all to the good. Scooter Libby is a prick. He got convicted and doesn't have to go to jail. Hence the politcal cartoon at the outset of today's post.

Justice or Just-US, and by Just-US I mean rich, and white or in cahoots with the rich and white. If you aren't both rich and white you're fucked. If you are poor and white, you might as well be black, latino, or asian. I'll leave you with a quote from one of the greatest public speakers since the late and great Malcolm X.

"Every official that comes in/Cripples us leaves us maimed/Silent and tamed/And with our flesh and bones/He builds his homes"

Z. de la Rocha, WAR WITHIN A BREATH, The Battle of Los Angeles, 1999

ps How true are those words? Within a breath, Rove and Bush got their war. The above stated officials come in, do dirt, then bounce out so they can't get covicted of crimes against humanity, because out of office as private, privileged citizens they can do even more dirt. Even if they go to court, to trial, and get convicted, they don't serve the time like the rest of the people. When will the world get the message? Rage broke up, and came back, but was always telling us what was going to happen. They don't even need new songs. These words of freedom I bring to you are out of the goodness of the I and I, and I am guided and protected by the Everlasting, Eversure, King of Kings. I fear no-thing, and no-man. TRUTH and RIGHTS is exactly what it is. Nuff said. Go pray for yourself.