Friday, August 24, 2007

The Congolese Miner

Mill Valley Diggin' Spot R.I.P! X8, X9, X6, and X2 were with the I an I coming up on stacks and stacks of free wax. All I got to say about Mill Valley is that "these people ain't seen a brown skin man since their grandparents bought one!" Before we came there Mill Valley Ethnic population=0, while we were there Mill Valley Ethnic population=5. There was a salon next door and the ladies were happily surpised to see us, I went into the pizza shop next door super casual like, and the dudes in there were like, huh? It is 2007 and we still got places in America that aren't used to darkskin faces. But, I don't care cuz I came up on the wax and I was out! X8 keep my stack for a hot one, til I listen to them on your system.