Thursday, August 16, 2007

Getting Digi With It

Tripod! How did I end up with 3 ipods? Each one is different. Got the video ipod, the nano ipod, and the shuffle ipod. The video ipod is all me. The nano is Spanish Harlem's, he wanted to be bootleg and put all my fresh beats on his. The mini shuffle joint is P. Seed's. She got that as a gift from work. It usually just sits in her apartment, but I borrow it a lot and put hot new joints on that. I collect music like I collect kicks. Right now I am putting on 4 new Mikey Dread Mixes, courtesy of Beats, good looking out bro! You know I made you some cds for the whip! I got Mikey Dread mixes, Funkmaster Flex mixes, the new Common, and Ghostface Supreme Clientele instrumentals. Also Evil Empire is in full effect. Keep it positive!