Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Ladies and Gentlemen, give a warm round of applause to...

Son of Ran, representing the Bay Area, the Haystack Nickel and Dime to be exact. Right now all of America is catching wind of what is now referred to as the "Hyphy Movement". As usual, the rest of America, especially the Blue States, are late. They are catching up, and while cats in Oklahoma are finally ghostriding, and the people of Wyoming are shaking their dreads, the Bay Area keeps it moving. Prime example Son of Ran's, THE SKY CITY CLASSIC.

This album sets my soul free. The SO is bringing content to the Bay and the rest of the world. His voice is clear, crisp, and poignant. After listening to the tracks you realize that this isn't a facade. He isn't about portraying a fictionalized character, or trying to be something he isn't. He has his own slang. When an emcee brings new slang/terminology into the game you know they are coming with the realness. This is genuine hip hop at its finest. Big props right? Especially coming from me, those who know me know I can only rock "that good shit". But, he came through, and came through big time. This album will most likely be re-issued and re-mastered, and re-released cuz most people are sleeping. So let me wake you up and give you the truth on a track-for-track basis. I've listened to this album over 50 times and I am going to listen to each song as I write the analysis. C'mon, its RasLoomba from the Science First! (That's S.F. for all of you slow-footed penguins out there)

1. the SO
The sample in the intro sets this whole joint off!! "I'm going awaaaaay, leaving todaaaaay, I'm gonna start my..." Then the beat drops. I feel him on this one. I love the Sunny Daze and I got madd fam out there but, when he says "I'm close to no more SoCal, what up with travelling..." he is talking my language. "Progress quicker than cats in San Dizzo" this isn't hating, its the truth. Even SD cats know what he's talking about. The majority of cats in SD are on some other shit. By other shit I mean hating. Haters are everywhere but as one who has called and still calls San Diego home, too many of y'all down there don't recognize sunshine when the rays are pointed directly at you. It is sad. Cats can't even kick it no more, shit is all cliqued out and superficial like a mug. Don't take it as a diss, cuz the trues have been down and stay down. It the cats that think Rastafari is a trend that I am aiming at. That hiphop is a fashion thing. That skating can only be done at certain spots with certain gear. That (fading out...)

2. Can I
This track is smoothness and trueness. Ask yourself "Can I be a man?" That is a damn good question. Can you appreciate the struggle? Extra dedication shout out to all the parents out there. Shit ain't sweet all the time. Son of Ran even talks about going into training to keep his game tight. Shit takes time, practice patience. "Launching astronaut 3's with a wild release". New slang for nasty looking airballs. "If it's love introduce, and let your squad meet her". Real talk. Don't hide your love, if it is real then share it. Cuz love saves lives yo. And why is it trendy to be unfaithful? Why can't we celebrate somebody else's love, instead of talk shit or downpress? How many emcees are talking about trying to grow as a person? Eh bay bay!

3. As Long as There's You
Another good opener to this joint, "As long as there's you girl, I got looooove". You can hear pain in this flow. Pain=good music. Sorry that you had to go thru it SO, but that episode in your life turned into a great track. My man embraces the struggle. Instead of acting like it's Carnival everyday, drinking champagne and getting golden grills, he talks about real life shit. I mean not everybody can rhyme about a tight car. Remember this is some Bay Area shit too. If you got your eyes open like Ran then you can easily be inspired by everday shit, like taking a trip to SF from the East Bay.

4. Brief Soul
This is my theme song!!! I find that listening to this song after 11pm enhances the authenticity of it. Don't waste your life, cuz the shit is short. Ask yourself why are you doing things you don't want to do? Each day is truly a blessing and an opportunity. Don't wait for the other kids to catch up, keep it moving. Forgiveness takes courage, and fearlessness is the way of the Rasta. "Catch us with our enemies breaking the bread after" Big Ups on this track right here. Flyness.

5. No Sunshine
Perserverence. When things get hard do you fold? Garvey told us about what happpens when your back is to the wall. Never give up, even when you are playing 21 and your down 7-20, grab that rebound! Nothing sucks worse than a quitter, and you aren't a quitter are you? "Ask cats who the most passionate cat to bless was" I like that Common sample at the end from like water for chocolate, keep on (muthafuckas move back I pursue rap at the pace of a new jack...

6. Gates to Cybertron
Yo, I be seein' Naytron when I go to Warriors games. That kid is ill. I saw a video of that cat breaking with this track in the background. I showed it to X8 and X9. We were feeling it! Drums are super nasty and gritty on this one. A throwback to some heyday style beats. Grab your backpack straps, tilt your hat to the side and let the neck rock from 10 o'clock to 2 o'clock.

7. The Professor
Hip Hop comes to some people naturally. If you are cultivated in the culture from birth you can't help being a hiphop head. Hiphop heads have been headz from a young age. They've probably been ridiculed for being different. Now we, "leave your galaxy shook". Funny how that works right?

8. Interlude
I've freestyled countless times to this beat. I am not sure who produced it, it is either Freedie Jski, Supa, or DJ Pauze. So nice, sometimes I play this one first then go back to number one. Its got a nice knock to it. Next time you see me and want to get free Imma tell you to put this beat on, and I'll rock that baby to sleep.

9. the Get Up
This beat has a posse cut beat sound. I like the bboy speaking at the begining of the track. Biters, shark niggas as Ghost calls em. So bothersome! I know cats that have bitten my style so hard they try and present it to me as a new innovation. How ridiculous! Yo and on the real in UEFA Champions leauge if you tie an away game you get one more point than your opponent who played at home. Defend your turf! Cuz if I am in NYC and I battle you and get as much props how are you really gonna feel, like we tied? Nah, B.(Primetime Ichiban Specialists, don't say these words in this sequence without saying where you got it from, for reals)

10. Y'alls Truly
Can't you visualize his words on this joint? Talking about driving the 580 on the late night, me and my brother almost died like 5 times on a overnight roadtripper from Dago to the Free. Also, he talks about one of the greatest performances in modern sport. Kobe droppin 81. That is for y'all who are Kobe haters. That ninja can ball so don't hate. Good lookin' out brah.

11. Street Science
WOW. When I rock a show, this will play before I go on. Seriously. Shit is so hard that it is calm. Weird, huh? I mean you can't stop head noddin' cuz of the drums but the keys in the background are ambient. Then the lyrics...heavy. The bigger picture is put into the forefront with this one.

12. Lions Heart
This track showcases the slangscientology of Son Of Ran. My favorite line tho..."SoCali cats that like to actually front". Talk about truths and rights! Some people are frontin' and don't know no better, some front on purpose, especially for the girls. That is probably a big reaason cats in SoCal front so much. All the terisitas are scantly clad and the gatos just want to stress to impress so they digress with the rest trying to be the best. (U know I got to put my own slangeration in it). This track ends the album on a good one. He brings us back to what hop is all about, beats and rhymes.

Son of Ran's Shout Outs:
Massive Lion Roars out to Jah Congo for the support and review, keep doin it fam! Primary love out to my wifey K, I love you woman... MOST thanks to the PnoyApp Fam, E-Shock Therapy, Cypher Ops and DJ Virus, Freddie Joachim, Genom, Pauze and Supakoopa... Be on the look out for the Son Of Ran EP to drop with the mighty mighty Messangers, God's love., Out!