Saturday, August 25, 2007

BK Stand Up!!!!

Street music from the city of New York is not like other street music. Brooklyn, New York, when it comes to emcees out tha Brook, there is no shortage. With that said some cats from BK get overlooked. Not everybody can be Kweli, which is a good thing if you think about it. Skyzoo has swagger and ain't scurred of the big willy cats in this hiphop "game". I feel that, that is the essence of Rastafari, fearlessness. Go to and download this joint for FREE today. My Element is THE BANGER on this one. You can listen to this from begining to end my friend. It's rawness and hunger is refreshing. Not many emcess can do a whole album with banger after banger, but Skyzoo did. He's got DJ Premier beats, 9th Wodnder Beats,Dilla Beats, Black Milk beats, Madlib beats, and Pete Rock beats just to name a few. He collabos with Torae, Guilty Simpson, and Sean Price as well. So it is official!