Thursday, October 11, 2007

NBA True Hollywood Story

I cannot take this LA Lakers drama. Kobe is pissed. Mitch K is not a good GM. Dr. Buss has no control and no visible plan for improvement. The preseason, has just started and the LakeShow already lost a game to the Warriors by 1, 110-111. Am I just supposed to go through the whole season and deal with this crap? How do you not make moves to get Jermaine O'Neal? Especially because he said he'd be down to ball in LA. I've got a bad feeling about this season already. Now there is the Kobe trade talk. Who can we get for Kobe in all reality? Whatever we get for him will not be equivalent, bottom line. Nobody balls like him.
Best baller in the league period. I'm just sayin', unless Baby Bynum and Odom take their game to the next level every single'll be 82 games just to play 82 games. I mean if the Celtics go from cellar dweller to top contender in one summer, how do the Lakers stay exactly the same if not worse cuz everybody is a year older. (SIGH) It is going to be a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG season.