Wednesday, October 31, 2007

This is a classic from 1980, two years prior to my creation. Roots! This is one of the best albums I've heard in years. The first album on Truths And Rights to get the full 5 out of 5 Conquering Lions! It is beyond any description that I can provide for you. This is pure roots reggae at its finest and during the heights of popularity. Mikey Dread, truly one of reggae's great talents. For those of you who don't know Mikey Dread was on JBC in Jamaica and started the radio program Dread At The Controls, a program that consisted of nothing but reggae music. He also produced and toured with the Clash.

This is the music that spawned hip hop. Remember DJ Kool Herc was Jamaican and you know where the sound system knocking in the streets originated, yesh mon down dere in Kingston, Jamaica. Go to and cop that! ROOTS ROCK TRUTH AND RIGHTS!

1. The Jumping Master
2. Break Down the Walls
3. Jah Jah Love (In the Morning)
4. Israel Stylee (ext. play)
5. Money Dread
6. Mental Slavery
7. Skin Head Skank
8. Losers Weepers, Finders Keepers
9. World War III (ext. play)
10. Warrior Stylee
11. DATC Masterpiece
12. Break Down the Dub
13. Seekers Dub
14. Jamaican Dub
15. Flat Fee Dub