Wednesday, October 3, 2007

One Photo One Story

Times Square at night
Bright as the day
The music, the money, the hustle
All caught up in a way
The City that never sleeps
I can see why
Sky high
My vision lens is up in the sky
Try to comply
To be fresh is to be an individual
Spiritually rich, but kinda poor up in the physical
My mental is strong
Roar with the will of a Lion
Most definitely
It is head up and eyes open
Your looking for the inspiration
That's why you visit
If you make it here
You can survive in any blizzard
The streets of Now Yours
Ever embedded in my memory
One photo one story
Locked away in mental treasury
New York
Coast to coast
From West to the East
In the middle no relevance
The streets with the beats
I seek peace
Late night crosstown
At 4 in the a.m.
Still loud sound
Get your culture here!
Shouts the paperboy everyday
Midtown streets
Its my muse and not half the way
Between life and death
You see me lifted to the life
I'm giving you love
And never will I hold it back
Pastrami on rye
At the deli on the corner block
Live life to learn lessons
In the end your never stressin'
One photo one story
The beginning and the end
Extra special dedication
To all the true Friends
New York