Thursday, October 25, 2007

Who Doesn't Like Clean Rims?

Tell me, who doesn't like clean rims? Everytime that I wash the car my lady is so excited. She gives me hugs and kisses and tells me that I am the greatest. What an ego booster. But, that is what dudes do. Wash the whip and make the rims look clean.
Yes, all of these photos are in natural light. San Francisco light. Foggy as hell but the shit is still blingin'!
Some people may think that it is lame to take pictures of a car, but this car and I are friends. We have history together. Unfortunately, I wrecked the shit out of this car. I was driving it, and I got blasted by a Benz. The dude was a complete tool acting like I was in the wrong. I wasn't injured thank GOD, but the tC was in bad shape. My girl was in the Philippines when it went down and I tried to downplay the damage on some. It ain't so bad shit. It was ugly.
But, here is one of my very good friends looking rather well! We like music and taking our Queen to UC early in the morning. We like when we use ArmorAll wipes on the interior for that showroom finish.
So, as you can see we have lots in common. I talk to the tC all the time. Most of the times I am talking shit about another driver, or freestyling about my day. We talk about how we love our lady and how good she is to the both of us. Hookn' up that Costco petro and getting chicken bakes and stuff like that. So, you and your vehicle should form a good relationship and you should take care of it like it takes care of you.
I mean aren't we fighting a war because we need gas for these things? Being in S.F. where the gas prices are soooooooooooo fucked! Way too expensive. I know a girl that moved from Sacto where the gas is the cheapest, to here in the Super Foggy, where gas is the most expensive. That is some harshness. But in Uh-mer-ika, it is almost un Uh-mer-ikan to not have a car. But I take MUNI, walk, or skate. The Lady is into taking her bike to and from work, so when the tC comes out, he's got to be crispy. Ya feel me? So if you are riding on stocks and get that regular gas keep your whip clean!
I be sneaking shots of my Lady all the time. Here she is happy getting out of the whipper the other day. Lookin' preddy gewd too. Sorry I didn't tell you I was taking this but when I say, "Act natural" I get these model poses.