Thursday, October 25, 2007

Soloist On A Solo List

I play basketball alone ALOT, these days. I am in the gym when everybody else is sleeping. I run suicides till my heart is about to burst. When I can get a game in I just have to win. I already hit two game winners this week alone from the outside. When I play people shorter than me and post them up, they complain about how I take easy shots. When I hit jumpers from the outside they I get told that I got no inside game. I was practicing sky hooks today just to get my old skool game up. I was working on my Timmy D glass game today too. Not to mention my left handed j's, my secret weapon (I guess it isn't a secret no more). I listen to that G UNIT mixtape cuz it remindes me of hoops in the street. That Jay Z Vol.3 and Black Album are good too. I can't forget my Black Milk mix. Why do I play ball so hard? Because it it better than drugs. Because SD is on fire and I can't do shit about it. Because the Congo is in a constant state of war. Because I waste emotions on wack people. Because I love b-ball. Because I love Kobe's game. Because Michael Jordan's fadeaway is my go to in the post. Because I am 6'3". Because it is ball or fall. Because when I hit Chula Vista Muambeats and Mondo can roll with me and beat anybody in 3-on-3. Because hip hop and basketball are things most Black Men my age got love for. I ball because I have a baby sister and somebody needs to teach her about health and well being. I ball because I can. I ball becauuse the majority of Americans are fat. I ball because if I ever make it to Saturday ballin' in Oakland I want to beat Bryant and Kai because they beat me and my brother long time ago in S.F. I ball because everytime I play a game I make sure to get at least two blocked shots. I ball because I rebound and set picks. I ball because I yell out "Pick Left!". Just ball. Nothing else matters when you are hitting jumpers, runners, lay-ups, and hooks. It is therapeutic. That shower after a good session puts me in the right mood. So, I will keep balling on the solo because I got to in order to stay sane in this crazy ass world.