Friday, October 26, 2007

Nothing But The Truth

Okay, I know it takes A LOT of hard work to make a skateboarding viedo. I mean tons of hours and lots of skateboarding, BUT if you have Nike as your primary sponsor, the people are going to expect something HUGE. I got to the Victorian at 6:30 actually hoping to bypass the movie house to go to a skatespot of mine in the Mission. Little did I know that there'd be a line already. I figured I might as well wait because I know I am not the only skater that wants to watch this flick. So, as time goes on the line gets bigger and bigger. It turns out that I made a wise decision to come early. The tickets were free but it was first come first serve.
There was WAY too much non-skating in this flick. I mean I've heard of skits and stuff but some of the stuff was just dumb. This is all my opinion by the way, and who am I in the skate industry?, nobody, exactly. I will let you know it wasn't worth the wait in line, and I won't buy it when it comes out. Chet, Wieger, and Omar saved this flick. BA, Supa, Stefan, and P. Rod, they left me a bit, no, really disappointed. You'd think that the first Nike SB video would be on some epic change the game type stuff but it was not. Trust me, I've seen many-a-skateboard flick! Videos like "It's Official" and "Baker 3" were WAY better than this one. With an almost unlimited budget and no pressure from anybody to put out a video, this weakened the juggernaut. On the name alone, Nike SB, kills competition in the shoe department. They've got some stylish stuff, no doubt, but this movie was a disappointment. It was too long for a skate video. Skate videos are supposed to make you want to go out and skate, but I heard everybody talking about, "Let's go drink!". If that is the sentiment of the crowd after seeing your skate vid, I'd say you did a poor job. Phelps was in the crowd and was on some Phelper shit. Saying random but poignant shit like:
"Never forget New Orleans!"
"Lakai video! Fully flared!"
"Yeah Phelper!"
The S.F. who's who of skate was in the house but I am not going to name drop or fan out. I was sad not to see Karl but, I guess he'd already heard that the video was, "eh". Go and see it for yourself and you be the judge but, if you ask me, the shit was a bit weak. I could've got the shit off of youtube a year later for free and not wait in-line and leave my hottie ass girlfriend at her apartment alone, or I could've just skated the spot I wanted to and had a better night.

TRUTHS and RIGHTS gives "Nothing But The Truth" a weak 2 Conquering Lions. So, when your homeboy gets all hyphy about he just picked up the new Nike SB video tell 'em to burn you a copy cuz that shit ain't worth the $28.99 you know they will charge.