Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Last night was one of the funnest nights in SF history! We went to the Padres v. Giants game and that ish was off the chain! We had all kinds of drama. First off I wasn't going to go to the game, but Scooch came thru with 3 extra tickets. So, I got the girls to come with me, Stianne and Neece (her sister).
We had Iron horse drama waiting for trains and trying to get there. I was in Cole Valley waiting for the N judah and the girls were in the Outer Sunset on an N train on the way to meet yours truly. Prior to the I getting on the train some loco cat was trying to snap photos of my girls on the train! Stianne was miffed and not too stoked. So we are on our way to the game and we meet up with B, Scooch, and Bee Feezey. We find out that Bee is going to Brazil! Not only going, he is going to Maracana for the WCQ Ecuador v. Brasil! We find out the Phillies lose and now the game is that much more important. We pound some Bud Leezeys before the game and start making our way in. We see this huge rat scurry across our way, on some foreshadowing ish. So I needed to get money so we go to the ATM and we are followed closely by some homeless dude that is freaking the girls out, but nuthin happend. Got loot and went thru the entire stadium looking for our seats. We got an ill spot in the left field bleachers, which are really close actually. There were DRUNK a$$ fools in our section, I mean faded. So much ish talking. So the Giants had a great 2nd inn and the SD hating started getting out of hand. My girl was keeping me at bay, but soon the drama erupted. The Giants Mascot Lou Seal was taking photos with the fans and Fox started some "HGH" chants and was shmack talking. Lou Seal the mascot was all Gigantes pride and got in Bee, Scooch, and My face. He pointed to the scoreboard and it was 0-4 Giants and taunted Billy. Billy didn't take that and pushed Lou Seal. Then Lou Seal flipped off Bee's SD visor in a gesture of lack of respect. Then Bee went at him. We were surrounded by Giants fans and they were pointing all their hate at Fox and talking madd crap. Calling him out his name in every which way. I turned around and madd dawged two of those ish talkers, and they immediately were like, I quote, "Hey buddy what's going on?" ALL SCURRED. I was at the gym that morning lifting so I felt diesel, and I guess they could see I wasn't takin' any BS. So they are chanting "Kick him out!" and Scooch, and I are all chill out rats, why you hating? Cuz we beat up your mascot? So the security comes crushing thru our section, and the KRON 4 news camera is all in our grills. The girls were getting food and B went to pee while me and Scooch were in the melee. This security lady comes thru and kicks over my FULL beer! This is what happened
"What the f---! You just kicked over my beer!"
"Watch it! Don't cuss at me."
"Naw, you just knocked over a full beer, what the f!"
"You're next, you're next"
Power trippin'! I call Stianne and she sees Fox getting taken outside by the popo. The full moon started to wreak havoc. Giants fans were harrassing Hairston. Crap talking all day. Then we homered. Then it got madd strange. This one dude was yelling his butt off at every and anything. He started a "We want Barry!" and another Giants fan cussed him out big time. The two fools were beasting on each other for 5 mins and were about to scrap. Meanwhile the Pads are making a come back and then the wave started. This Giants fans got pissed. He was old and was fuming. "We don't do the wave here!" and B started egging him on. Making the wave go round and round the stadium he was red! So at this time it is the 9th inning and the Pads are bout to lose. Scooch has the rally cap in full effect and the stadium is rawkus. 2 outs and 2 on and B. Giles is on strike two, with a sad AB so far. But then, JAH light shone on us and he creamed that pitch. It was like slow motion. I never seen a ball fly so high. B. was watching the right fielder sprint for it then just stop. Stianne and her sister were speechless and gazing. And then total erruption. My girl said the stadium was DEAD quiet, but the Bonita Boys...We were raging! Chest bumps, dap, hi 5's, dancing. Sun, we were in full celebration mode calling out every and anybody wearing anything Giants. WHOOOOOOOOOO! The other SD fans were running thru the stands we, were huggin it was so tight. Then this one fool behind us starts trying to talk major. I mean major, calling us fa**ots, and I was two seconds from lighting his whole world up. My girl and her sister actually had pepper spray ready to spray that cat. But B and I just turned around and pointed to the scoreboard. I started doing the Hoagan hand to the ear for 5 minutes, doing Rick Flare WHOO's. That punk was lucky. Immeadiately after the game he came to his senses and went to me and Scooch and apologized profusely, like on some don't beat me up ish. On our way to Gordon B for celebration ales he found us and apologized again, cuz he knew I was bout to go dumb on him. Out loud while he was shmack talking I said in full stereo, "I WISH a n*gga would try and talk more, I DARE you to say one more thing, especially after that bomb we just hit, I WISH you'd say something else, DO IT". That was enuff to quench that fools flame. We all had ales and were merry at Gordon even bought some mugs.
Best game ever.