Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Source of the Sound

You see, we need (hip hop); we've always needed a music- our own.
We have nothing else.
Our writers write like (commercial cats), our painters paint like them, our philosophers think like them.
Only our true hip hop heads don't play like the (commercial cats).
So we created a music for ourselves.
When we had it- the old type of hip hop- the (commercial cats) came, and they liked it and imitated it.
Pretty soon it was no longer our music...
You see, as soon as we have a music, the (commercial cats)come and imitate it.
We've now had hip hop for longer than 20 years, and in all those years there has been not a single (commercial cat), perhaps leaving aside Kanye West, who has had an idea. Only the underground hip hop heads have ideas.
But if you see who's got the famous names, they're all (commercial cats).
What can we do?
We must go on inventing something new all the time. When we have it, the (commercial cats) will take it from us, and we have to start all over again.
It is as though we are being hunted.