Friday, September 21, 2007

Wake Up Show Prolific Flow

In the beginning there was none other than the original people
Skin blackened from the sun
But somewhere along the line, I broke the laws of the divine
And I closed this place on this soul of mine
Pale became the color of my face
Feeling out of place amongst the people of my race
Filled with hate, I moved to a colder climate
Intercourse with animals and raw flesh was ate
Feel their disease, sub zero degrees
And Satan's blood in my veins didn't freeze
This hatred that I have for you, it runs deeper than your skin
I hate the one who put me in this position that I'm in
Until, I realized the powers of evil
Anything I have to do I will
I steal, kill, and destroy
Went home to Africa looking for slaves to employ
Blue eyes, lies and a smile was my only decoy
Snatch you up from your roots
What good is a spirit when I have this new invention that shoots?
Brought you here then deceived you
I changed and rearranged everything that you have ever believed true
My soul is cold as ice is
I sold you for prices
You were hung from trees for sacrifices
But through the blood, sweat, tears, and pain,
God spirit in ya'll still remains
Which is actually more than I got
But I have a mansion and a yacht
The plot is making you think that it's about what it's not
With precision I tell you lies through television
Distort your religion, wrap you up in materialism
How could you kill your own?
Don't you see, you're learning to act just like me
But be more aware, ha
That the truth is there
I tell you all the time but you n*gg*s don't care
But not all of you
There are a few that get into themselves and books on shelves
And learn something knew
And once they know, they become so powerful
But many don't have the means nor the inspiration to go
To school and I know they hate it
But you can't get a decent job unless your properly educated
But educated about what?
It seems to me that thus far
You've only learned about who we are
Isn't that funny, you'll give a school all your money
For what you think you need, but it's never guaranteed
The misled mislead you
Your faith has been broken provoking you to do whatever will feed you
Well I'll front you some cooked cocaine in plain plastic sacks
To sell to your fellow blacks
But while the foundation of your people cracks
You try to resist
But I won't stop until you n*gg*s don't exist!
You n*gg*s strong though,
I give you that
But you must be stupid as hell to be that strong
and still be where you at
And you still don't have a clue,
I am who I am because of n*gg*s like you!

(From Brotha Smartness)