Monday, September 3, 2007

Enduring Images of Revolution

The General Ernesto Guevara. How many times have you seen this face? What does it mean to you? When he was assassinated, the killers thought that would be the end. How wrong are they? What was the price on his head? Talk about backfire. Now his face is everywhere and will not be forgotten. At his peak of militancy he was gunned down, fighting for freedom in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Ernesto, we will never forget.

The Prime Minister Patrice Lumumba. Never has there been a Congolese man more outspoken against the atrocities of the Belgians, and colonialism as an instituion. For speaking truths and rights, Lumumba was also gunned down. And I believe he was gunned down by the same group that gunned down Ernesto. The DR Congo has been awaiting another Patrice. He was going to be the leader to keep the DR Congo, for the people. A man of the people for the people. That was too much for some to handle. Lumumba will forever be an inspiration to the children of the DR Congo. His image will not be tarnished, nor tainted. What was the price on his head? Our country has not recovered since his murder, but hope springs eternal. The DR Congo is easily the most wealthy source of natural resources in our world today, and due to that it has been and continues to be exploited by any and everybody who wants to downpress a nation. What the downpressors do not know is that we Congolese aren't and would not hide nor be miserly with the wealth. Congolese people want to lead proper lives and have a country to be proud of. We aren't aiming to take over the world, only to take back our land. And not to our benefit, we are very welcoming to outsiders, but this attitude continues today. Visitors are told to never go the the DR Congo? Why? To keep a nation down, to keep all the continual atrocites away from the public spotlight, to keep the corruption at an all time high. As long as I am here the DR Congo has hope, and our story will be told, without bias to the world.