Wednesday, September 19, 2007

DOOM absent

Last night was a very bitter disappointment. The MF DOOM show scheduled for 9/18/07 at the Independent on Divisidero in San Francisco was cancelled AGAIN. I do not have any further explanation at the reason why MF didn't show up. What I can tell you is that I was let down. Although he is the Supervillian, I didn't think that he'd pull capers on the Super Faithful fans of the City. I've seen DOOM kill shit in Hollywood and in San Francisco. Each show was an instant classic. I was at the DNA lounge 8/15/2004 when he recorded the Live From Planet X album. That was his greatest performance. He was peaking toward some classical hiphop material at that point. Right now, I am not very fond of artists not showing up to shows. Nas, Kanye, now DOOM. That is wack. Yo MF? No love for San Fran?